With the plasticiser evaporating out of my old (plastic) wattle work chairs the UV radiation finished the job.

I needed new garden chairs. I saw that the aluminium frame was still 100% intact. So I started to think on how to reuse the chair.


First I took off the old wattle work. I started with two design ideas – one with wooden laths and with a new way of wattle work. Then when the other chairs were at their lifecycle-end I started experimenting with water hoses and climbing ropes. There are many alternatives using different kind of ropes going for a more sophisticate paracord style. Start inventing your own ways of improving my approach! Send me a picture or post your solution on Pinterest and send me a link.


Below you find the end result with a few detail screens giving some hints on how to proceed.















Gregor Gisler-Merz, 11.03.2013, gisler@gginfo.com

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