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Design and implementation of a distributed repository according to JSR170. The repository provides in addition to the JSR170 functionality support for domains, arbitrary tree views with integrated garbage collection, high volume import processing infrastructure and a a variety of adapter (CORBA, MQ-Series).

Model Driven Offshoring Process

With a lot of outsourcing initiatives all over the marketplace and the analysis of their most common failures a new outsourcing model was put in place to considerably improve success of these projects. The process is focused on detailed modeling with UML. The model was then imported into EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework). The EMF generated Java-Code and the corresponding Interfaces enhanced with small specified work-items and the detailed Model were then sent to our offshore partner. The work-items planned on a daily base were tested with the provided work-item JUnits and formally reviewed. Within a very short time, we achieved great results.

XML-Processing Engine

Generic interpretation of import format and processing instructions in XML. The XPath based process model, somehow similar to the Jelly-Concept, proved to be very performing. This XML-Processing Engine processes huge amounts of different data and documents and can easily be expanded with new handler and adapter.

DMS-Retrieval Services

Reengineering of the document management middleware infrastructure (CORBA, MQ-Series) of a big company with billions of documents.

Surveillance- and Failoversystem

In 2000 Surveillance- and Failoversystems were expensive and not affordable for little and mid-sized companies. The Java p2p solution put in place, is cheap, reliable and save.

Datawarehouse and Forecasting Tool

Most data on host system are not properly historized. For this reason it becomes difficult to harvest this data and collect it for a data-warehouse. In this project most of the host-data had to be transformed before importing it into the staging databases from where it was aggregated before being presented to the client. Here plugged in the forecasting-tool which was able to model the customers exceptional business knowledge getting him rid of myriads of excel sheets and host-output lists.