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Getting Things DONE - Leading beyond your own capacity. - 14.5.2015

The presentation introduces Getting Things Done by David Allen and shows how GTD fits into a wider context. Connect it with Kanban, Agile Continuous improvement and Self development.


EclipseCon 2014 Ludwigsburg BPMN2 Roundtrip Modelling with Eclipse Stardust and Eclipse BPMN2Modeller - 27.10.2014

In this presentation you will be shown ways on how to tame the complexity with a development process that includes business architecture, iterative (BPMN2 Roundtrip Modelling in Eclpse BPMN2Modeler with Stardust Runtime Extension) process development and deployment based on Eclipse Stardust.


Model Driven Requirements Engineering - 07.07.2014

Agile Modeling as part of the Software Lifecycle. Bring your parts of the Software-Lifecycle with an EAI approach together. Use simple BPMN and enhance your synchronization to your various tools like SPARX Enterprise Architect, JIRA (Greenhopper, Structure Plugin), Continuous Build Infrastructure and Quality Center, Selenium. The article provides the ALM Meta Model and details out a real world solution.


Agile Projects call for agile Management: Bring together approaches from Management 3.0 and Work the system. - 11.06.2014

Especially in Software Development more and more projects are carried out applying agile methods. This calls for alignment of our traditional views of Management to the new paradigms. The article shows practically how to empower the team step by step with management tasks. With this approach the collective is guided to new responsibilities which leads to increased engagement and unleashes the creative potential of the whole team to reach the company's strategic objectives. The approach gives you a simple and practical entry point in an 'agile' run organization and can be enhanced according to your needs in order to address topics like innovation management, standard-, marketing-, organisation-, system- und people-management and share them with a lot of bright people in your organization. The original article can be found on ITpearls website: Agile Projekte erfordern agiles Management


Bring your JIRA hierarchies alive with Structure Plugin - 16.02.2014

JIRA offers rich linking possibilities for your hierarchies (Programs, Projects, EPICS, Stories and Tasks) but only limited support for the hierarchical representation of tree like structures. Structure Plugin is a supreme tool to visualize you complex Programs and Projects.


Automate your memory stick in a corporate environment - 08.12.2009

I like portable apps on my memory stick. It comes in handy in corporate environments where you can't install apps you like most. I show in the memo how to boost portable apps saving you some time.


Getting Things Done - Mobile System - 19.11.2009

In this article you'll find an in deep description of my Getting Things Done mobile system implementation.


Energy efficient fermentation devices - 22.11.2009

The document shows you how to build an efficient and ecological fermenter to grow your favourite microorganisms.


Reference File Cabinet - 09.08.2009

The document is a hands on guide to build your own reference filing system.

Reference Filing Cabinet.htm

Getting Things Done - 22.04.2009

The presentation provides a high level introduction to Getting Things Done (David Allen).


Refurbish your old garden chairs - 08.12.2012

This short article shows you some ideas on how to refurbish your old garden chairs.


Refactoring - 07.12.2006

The provided session covers the principles of refactorings according to M. Fowler and additionally points out to architectural smells and possible solutions.


Summary Java Certification- 28.08.2005

The provided excel sheet covers the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 exam. It is a summary which can be imported in card deck applications like VTrain for easy learning. Please mail me erratas. If you add content please send me the file and I will upload it. Thanks!

How to hit in Google- 23.07.2003

This short presentation lines out basic concepts of search engines and can help improving your page rank.